PEAK Aluminium Balustrades and the new Fiskars Striking Tools (hammers) training modules launched in February of this year with some great results and feedback.

Team Members were ready for PEAK Balustrade training as they had seen the product in their stores which raised a keen interest and they wanted to know more. Feedback about PEAK Balustrades was incredible and very relevant questions enhanced the engagement and experience of the learners. The hands-on projects for PEAK Balustrade training were a huge hit - they loved designing "my new deck" and took building the demo unit as a time challenge. The quickest to reassemble the unit was a team which completed the task in under 3 minutes.

The new Fiskars Striking tools (hammers) brought serious "AWE" to Team Members. Once the Team Members got the hammers in their hand, the difference was instantly noticeable and they love the product. To quote one of our Sales Reps who did the training, “The guys loved the 20oz, club and sledge so much that are going to get the two trade reps to take them out on the road…".

With such an amazing start to our training initiative, we’ve got more modules coming on board! Three new aisle training modules; RACK-IT, PEAK No-Dig Fencing, and Ultra Power Baits which are approved and ready to roll out to the stores. Additional classroom modules on The Big Cheese and Time’s Up Rodent Control are going through the sanctioning process and will soon be in the stores gearing up Team Members to assist customers with our products!

Watch the training space because coming on the back of the above modules will be Hozelock Hose, Easy Drip and Controller Sensors and Fiskars Cutting. Exciting stuff!